How do you take your city? Sprawled vs. Concentrated

Sprawled vs. Concentrated. This is the salient debate that occurs in the mind of city planners every time they issue a building license. Four years ago Ontario won many recognitions for “Places to Grow” an ambitious and unique scheme to curb urban sprawl and preserve green spaces.

Four years later its looking like Toronto’s plans will depend on decisions made by Markham and Brampton. Markham which continues to work towards designing dense communities not unlike Toronto is contrasted by Brampton which seems in full steam to sprawl over as much space as it can find.

Toronto has added 100,000 housing units in the past decade and new developments can be found all over downtown. 100,000 is also the estimated number of new people that come to the GTA (Toronto plus surrounding cities) every year. All this equals a very profitable outlook for condo and home owners in Toronto.

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