Toronto Condo Market: A Moving Target

For years now analysts have been predicting that the Toronto condo market will hit its apex and finally show a downturn in growth. For years now these predictions have been proven wrong and the market continues to grow the market apex is nowhere in sight.

The Toronto condo market is booming and continues to grow as the individual condo prices continue to rise making RIGHT NOW the best time to buy a piece of downtown. Scotiabank has said there are signs that there will soon be an oversupply of condos in the market but this remains a prediction as the bank has not changed any policies to reflect this new market condition.

In the simplest and easily verifiable statistics here is the bottom line: In the second quarter of 2011 Toronto will have 40 new condo projects which means an addition of more than 9,500 units. The builders are just trying to keep up with demand.

Contact SaleemWe can only see the current market signs and they all show growth in the future of the Toronto condo market. We can work with you and guide you through the complete buying process to put your name on a downtown Toronto property which will pay itself off in the coming years.