Choosing and buying a home takes a lot of research, knowledge and thorough understanding of the real estate market. My services will expedite building your knowledge, filtering search criteria and simplifying the whole process. I have access to every property listed on the MLS and able to see any changes and new properties instantly, giving buyers the advantage on getting the best deals.

  • A home is usually the biggest investment most people make
  • Conduct a buyer interview to educate you on the buying process
  • Get you pre-approved for the lowest mortgage rate possible
  • Anytime you need me I will be there for you - free and no obligation consultation call anytime of the day
  • Negotiate your purchase contract
  • Find the best home that matches your price selection at the price you can afford

Provide you after sale services and stay in contact for future help and real estate needs.

Here are major steps to buying your dream home

  • Call Sal to help you in finding and buying your dream home
  • Let Saleem help you get pre-qualified through a Mortgage Broker or Bank – I can recommend a few
  • Create a list of wants and needs (your requirements) and I will discuss and advise what is next
  • When you work with a professional you deserve VIP treatment through entire buying process
  • Sal will provide you with listing of sold properties in the area, comparable and recommendations
  • When you finally like a property, Sal will complete all legal paper work to ensure your interest is protected and help completion of closing process
  • Define and waive all conditions, participate in home inspections and related paperwork/amendments
  • Sal will help you connect with right Lawyers, Home Inspector and Service Professionals

Sal will give you tips for buying a home within your budget and comfort level.

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