In a study done in 2010 by the Economist to find the most liveable cities in the world, Toronto ranked in at number four, joining Calgary and Vancouver as the three Canadian cities in the top 10. Toronto joined places like Sidney, Australia and Vienna as places where it is great to live. However, unlike most of the cities on the list, Toronto is not far out of the reach of many individuals. Vancouver is one of the most expensive places in the world to live, but Toronto still has real estate, in prime places like downtown and North York, that is affordable. This means that you can INVEST or LIVE in a world class city.

Unknown to many, a considerable number of foreign investors and buyers now see TORONTO as the new alternative to New York and London when it comes to buying property. Years ago, these investors and buyers won’t even consider Toronto. Although TORONTO is at par with such cities, its real estate is considered to be undervalued (still much cheaper than many cosmopolitan cities around the world. However, Toronto is now one of the prime considerations when buying real estate. Multi-national developers are now investing on Toronto’s real estate, and the results are positive. Because of this, Toronto is now considered to be the condominium capital mantle in North America.

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