Bridge Condominiums

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Condo Overview: The Bridge Condominiums have a modern, urban aesthetic, built in homage to the warehouse districts of the past, with a modernistic flare. A solid, central spine runs north to south, anchoring the east and west sections of the residence. Varying treatments in masonry and glass, create a unique, balconies are predominantly glass, to showcase the fantastic views of city and lake. The 3-sided glass pavilion lobby provides an impressive entry to the building and the amenities within. Bridge will consist of approx. 500 units with standard features such as: stainless steel appliances, granite counters and hardwood floors.

Amenities and Key Features: The Bridge will include a full host of extras for pampering and play: a fitness centre, games room, multi-purpose rooms, whirlpool, steam rooms, and an outdoor pool with a south-facing, outdoor terrace off the pool area makes a wonderful place to relax and unwind.

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